A Safe Place NH – How To Stay Safe Online

Welcome to the official A Safe Place NH website where we think it’s important to stay safe online.

a-safe-place-nhUnfortunately there are many dangers online so on this page I’m going to talk about some of those dangers and explain what you can do to avoid them!

So the first thing you need to know when it comes to staying safe is to know the scams.

One of the most common scams online is called phishing. This is where a scammer will direct you to a website that looks just like another website in order to steal information from you.

A lot of phishing is done via email however anytime that you click a link to a website where you’ll be entering personal information could be a link set up by a phisher.

An example of this is you may check your emails and see an email from something that looks like Paypal.

In this email you read that you have just made a payment however you know you didn’t and inside the email is a link to what you believe to be the official Paypal website.. Only it isn’t.

What they will actually lead you to is a website that looks just like Paypal so when you enter in your username and password you are actually giving it to the scammers so they can then go to the real website with your username and passwords and steal your money!

So what can you do to safeguard against this and stay safe online?

Well the first thing to do is whenever you’re going to a website where money is involved try to go directly to the website itself.

And websites like paypal will always have https at the start of url for security. If you ever think that a website doesn’t seem quite right then just leave.

Get An Antivirus

So the next thing A Safe Place want to talk about is viruses and malware.

My little brother likes to play minecraft on his laptop and he downloads texture packs and all kinds of enhancements for the game.

The only problem is that his laptop doesn’t have an antivirus so when I checked it recently because it was acting up I found that it was full of viruses, malware and keyloggers.

Thankfully we never made any purchases on that laptop.

If you use the internet then you need an antivirus otherwise it’s only a matter of time before hackers and scammers will be able t o infect your pc.

The best antivirus right now seems to be eset home security.

Stay Safe Shopping Online

If you shop online only ever buy from websites that have https:// at the beginning of them because your information will be encrypted and secured.

Hey this is a safe place nh so I hope these tips are helpful so far.

The next tip I can give you is to use a credit card when buying online instead of a debit card.

If you ever buy something from a scammer then good luck trying to get a refund if you purchased via debit card. On the other hand credit card companies are pretty good about refunding fraudulent purchases.

That’s why a safe place nh recommends always using a credit card to make purchases online or read this phenq review before you buy.

Also be mindful of the passwords that you are using online. Did you know that hackers these days have software that can try over 10,000 passwords per minute and they have databases of millions of password combinations.

So if you think your password of 123imcool777 was safe then you’re in for a shock.

When creating a password try to avoid using common words and if you are going to use a word try misspelling it. Also add lots of capital letters and symbols.

Here’s an example of a good password. *Hhe%b7ert@1

The above example would be almost impossible for a hacker to crack.

A safe place NH also recommends making sure that your wifi is password protected. Have you ever tried to connect to your own wifi and found a bunch of others that belong to your neighbours?

Well other people can find your wifi too and if it isn’t password protected then they can get into your network and steal your information and cause all kinds of havoc.

Believe me, there are a lot of bad people out there that have no morals or ethics and they don’t care about stealing your information for fraudulent uses.

And lastly did you know that 10s of millions of dollars are lost each year by people falling foul to the 419 scam.

This is the one where you get an email from a Nigerian prince who needs to transfer his $100 million dollars to the United States and will give you 1% if you can help him do it.

All he needs is your bank details to do it.

If you ever get an email like that just ignore it and also report it to your internet service provider.

So if you follow the advice that a safe place nh has to offer then you will be a lot safer online.

We hope you found this information helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

All the best from the a safe place nh team!

Why a safe place nh then? Well first of all there are a lot of dangers online when it comes to browsing the internet.

You have hackers, scammers and sexual predators. It’s like a minefield if you’re not careful.

In the past before I was as wise as I am now I actually got scammed out of money no less than 3 times.

One time I was buying something on eBay and I spent over $600 only to be sent an empty box with no way of reclaiming the money.

So why did I call this website a safe place nh then? Well because I live in New Hampshire I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to call it that.

The NH stands for New Hampshire just incase you didn’t know!

But what I really love to do in my spare time is go hiking. I love to go up and down the hills to get fresh air and it’s a great way to lose weight and keep in shape.

But there’s more to a safe place nh than just hiking. We also like to stay safe online. One way we can do this is to always make sure that our anti virus software is up to date.

Hackers and viruses are all over the internet and if your antivirus is out of date then you’re pretty much screwed.

I recommend eset vs Norton antivirus.

Another thing I always recommend is to never enter your password onto a public computer!

You would be amazed at how easy it is for hackers to install a keylogger onto these machines and then get your password when you use it.

In fact thousands of people get their passwords stolen every single day by using these machines.

So anyway. Thanks for visiting a safe place nh and remember to stay safe online!