a-safe-place-nh-wordpressSo as you may have noticed this website is based on WordPress which in my opinion is the best way to create a website.

Here’s 4 reason why I use and recommend WordPress.

1: Ease of use

At a safe place nh we want things to be easy and simple to use with no hassle and that’s what WordPress provides.

After you login to the backend dashboard you can create a new post by simply clicking the Create new post link and that just makes life so much easier than the way things used to be.

In the past when most website were based on html creating new pages on a website were a complete hassle.

You would need to load up all the html from a past page and then figure out how to edit the content without messing up any of the code. Then you would have to edit the code for the meta tags and then upload the page.

But now with WordPress all you need to do is write some content into a box and then click publish. No coding required!

2: Ready made themes

These days there are 10’s of thousands of ready made themes so all you need to do is upload a theme and you can have a website that looks great.

Many of these themes are also very easy to customize even if you’re a newbie. In the past if you wanted a good looking website then you were going to have to either learn advanced html or hire someone that does which could be very expensive.

As well as free themes there are also tons of paid themes that tend to be a lot better with more options to customize.

3: Plugins

The next reason that I use WordPress is for the plugins. There are millions of plugins that do all kinds of functions.

A plugin could do anything. For example there is a popular plugin called WP Super Cache which makes your website load super fast. Page speed is very important these days. Don’t you just hate it when a website takes forever to load?

Whatever you want your WordPress website to do, there is probably already a plugin for it.

4: Security

And last but not least the main reason that I use WordPress is for sec