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Types of Abuse

Abuse and domestic abuse go hand in hand. There are many types of abuse, including:

  • Verbal abuse includes name-calling, telling you that you are worthless, that you are a bad parent, shouting, constantly interrupting, telling other people that you are crazy, blaming you for the abuse.
  • Emotional abuse includes threats, isolation, manipulation, insults, destruction of property, public humiliation, and accusations of affairs, threats of suicide, self injury, or homicide if you leave
  • Financial abuse includes controlling all income, not letting you work or keep a job, making you ask for money, giving an allowance, taking your money, or running up debt under your name.
  • Sexual abuse can include forced or coerced sex with your partner, another person, or an object.
  • Physical abuse includes any forceful behavior such as hitting, choking, slapping, using weapons, driving recklessly, holding you down, and preventing you from leaving.

Download the following brochure about the many different types of abuse